TeleMedicine has become a common term lately, but what is it? 

TeleMedicine is the practice of medicine using technology to deliver care at a distance and offers clinical services without the hassle of visiting a physical office.

Medical Game Plan TeleMedicine service expands your capability to receive an initial consultation virtually to assess your injury.  The Medical Game Plan team then travels with their mobile med unit that will allow them to further evaluate, treat, and recommend follow up treatment.  If you’re a patient that lives at a distance too far to visit, the team will suggest follow up with local providers in an expedited manner, while continuing their periodic check in’s until you have fully recovered.

Medical Game Plan TeleMedicine also covers Friday night and weekend evaluations and recommendations for proper care providing you with clear next steps. After hour care also helps you save on avoidable unnecessary urgent care or ER costs.

While Telemedicine has been available to many patients for years, rapidly evolving technology and industry practices have made this service more readily available. You can read more about TeleMedicine and TeleHealth at the American Academy of Family Physicians.