Health experts believe that the recent statement made by the United States President Donald Trump that suggests injecting bleach to a COVID-19 patient would kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes it is definitely one of the most irresponsible things that a public figure can say. And this brings us to the other health myths that just don’t die in the minds of the people and still continue to be believed as true. Here are the 15 most common health myths you might still believe to be true.

1.) Receiving a Flu Vaccination Gives You Flu

This can’t be any more untrue, the common belief is that the act of receiving the flu vaccine would make you sick first so your body develops immunity from the flu. The truth is that flu vaccines don’t contain any virus whatsoever, they are made from inactive versions of that particular flu virus. Although with all that said, flu vaccination may cause a few side effects like mild fever, muscle, and headache, along with redness, soreness, and swelling in the area where it’s administered.

2.) Yogurt Helps You Lose Weight And it Harmonizes Your Digestive System

Yogurt is one of the most overhyped “superfoods” in the world. The most used selling point of the yogurt is its ability to help you lose weight, but the truth is, a lot of yogurt products on sale today contain excess amounts of sugar, this is to compensate for the lack of taste because of the fat taken out from it. And there is still a lack of research that proves that yogurt actually contains bacteria that enhance your digestive system.

3.) Antiperspirants And Deodorant Products Can Cause Breast Cancer

It has somehow become a belief that chemicals that comprise antiperspirants and deodorants get absorbed by the armpit, and when they get inside they somehow interact with the breast tissue and would increase your chances of developing cancer. But experts say otherwise, the United States National Cancer Institute reported no evidence based on studies that say deodorants and antiperspirants cause cancer.

4.) Honey is Healthier Than Plain Sugar

The reality is, it’s the same thing, the body doesn’t care about whether your sugar comes from high-fructose corn syrup, fruit, cane sugar, or honey, it uses it the same way, it converts them into energy. But, the big caveat is that it is the worst possible way of fueling your body as it leads to a higher risk of obesity.

5.) Regular Intake of Vitamin Supplements Make You Healthier

We apologize for being the bearer of bad news, but research shows that vitamin supplements don’t guarantee to make up for the lack of nutrients from your diet. But if your doctor says you should take it, you shouldn’t ignore the advice. To make sure that you are getting all the nutrients you need, include vegetables, whole grains, fruits, healthy oils, and nuts to your diet.

6.)  Sugar Solely Cause Diabetes

Just because it’s sweet doesn’t mean it’s the direct cause of diabetes. According to medical experts, diabetes is caused by a myriad of things. Some cases are genetic, where their bodies don’t produce enough insulin, while some are caused by poor lifestyle choices.

7.) It Would Take Gum 7 Years to Digest if Swallowed

It simply isn’t true, just like with anything that your body can’t digest, a swallowed piece of gum would simply pass through your intestines without any issue. The only remarkable reported case of swallowed gum causing an issue is when a four-year-old girl accidentally swallowed gum that has four coins in it, and suffered blockage in her digestive tract.

8.) The Thing That Has The Most Bacteria in The Bathroom is The Toilet Seat

While the toilet seat is indeed full of bacteria, it is not exclusive only to it, but there are a lot more things in the bathroom that you should be more concerned about, such as the doorknobs, the doors, and the floor, which are covered with nasty stuff like the norovirus, influenza, E. coli, or the flu.

9.) Carrots Will Give You Perfect Vision

No, it will not. This myth started in World War 2 when the British government led the royal air force bomber pilots that eating carrots would increase their performance while bombing at night time. That being said though, eating carrots is still essential for the overall health of your eyes.

10.) One Gym Session Per Day is Already Enough Exercise

While going to the gym is not such a bad idea in itself, it is not enough to satisfy the requirements of how our human bodies are designed, which is to constantly move all the time. Experts say that sitting still for more than five straight hours is as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes per day.

11.) Egg Yolks Are Unhealthy

Egg yolks are full of HDL cholesterol which is very good for counteracting the effects of bad cholesterol. This research has only been done fairly recently, that’s why there are myths that surround the egg yolk. So, unless you are allergic to eggs eating one egg per day would positively affect your health.

12.) Making Your Knuckles Pop Will Cause Arthritis

The reason why joints crack and make popping sounds are the gas bubbles that form in them. I might sound harmful, it doesn’t pose any harmful threat to your health.

13.) The 5-second Rule on Food That Fell on The Floor

When you drop food on the floor, bacteria contaminates it almost instantly, and you should think twice about eating it once it has been dropped.

14.) One Apple Per Day is Enough to Keep You Healthy

Although apples are full of vitamin C and fiber, it isn’t enough to sustain your immune system and protect you from diseases.

15.) You Should Only Put Sunblock When It’s Sunny

Regardless if it’s sunny or not, hazardous UV rays are still on, so if you’re going to be exposed outdoors for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to apply sunblock on all exposed skin and reapply at least every two hours.

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